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Image by Volkan Olmez


Hello! My name is Halie. I am the sole owner of ClearStacks Bookkeeping LLC which I started in 2023, when I dedicated myself to providing top of the line bookkeeping services to business owners looking to get their finances organized.

To give you a little background about myself, I previously co-owned a house painting company in which I was in charge of the books, payroll, marketing, contracts, and much much more. It was then I found my love for tracking finances, because I realized the value of doing so. Tracking where the businesses money was going allowed us to make changes in the way we were spending money and charging for our services, which in turn greatly increased our net income. Seeing the direct results of the time I had put into bookkeeping was extremely rewarding to me, and it's the main reason I decided to get into bookkeeping. 

When my ex husband and I got divorced and I walked away from the painting company we had started, I knew  I still wanted to be a business owner. Over the past few years I started gaining more bookkeeping experience by helping family and friends with their businesses books and getting certified through multiple bookkeeping training programs to ensure I had as much knowledge of bookkeeping as I could before I officially opened my business. 

Today I am proud to open the doors of ClearStacks Bookkeeping to any business owners in need of a little (or alot of) help with tracking their finances. If you fit that description, get in touch with me today and we can get started!

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